1/ 🌐 In the latest #CryptoDawnSaga, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon’s remarks against crypto spark a heated debate in the future world where Bitcoin reigns supreme. 🌪️ #BitcoinFutures

2/ Dimon’s view that crypto is only for “criminals and money laundering” echoes in the halls of the Senate Banking Committee. Meanwhile, in the year 2045, Bitcoin City debates its own crypto future. 💰🚀 #CryptoDebate

3/ Amidst this controversy, Bitcoin holds steady above $44,000. The citizens of Bitcoin City question the old-world banking system’s stance on digital currencies. 🏙️💡 #BitcoinCity

4/ Flashback to 2023: Dimon’s stance on Bitcoin as a “hyped-up fraud” contrasts sharply with his bank’s investment in blockchain technology. The irony isn’t lost in the future. 🔄🔗 #BlockchainParadox

5/ In Bitcoin City, a new narrative unfolds: What if governments had shut down Bitcoin? The city’s historians ponder over this alternate reality. 🤔🌌 #AlternativeHistory

6/ #CryptoDawnSaga explores this scenario: A world where Bitcoin was banned. The digital underground thrives, and Bitcoin becomes a symbol of resistance. ✊💻 #DigitalResistance

7/ As the debate continues, a rare unity forms between banking CEOs and policy makers in 2023 over crypto regulation. But in Bitcoin City, regulation takes a different form… 🌃⚖️ #CryptoRegulation

8/ Senator Warren’s 2023 call for action against crypto’s misuse for illegal activities is a historic moment in the #CryptoDawnSaga. But in the future, Bitcoin’s transparency evolves to address these concerns. 🔍🚫 #TransparentFuture

9/ In this speculative narrative, we see the evolution of Bitcoin, from controversy to acceptance. The #CryptoDawnSaga continues to unravel the complex tapestry of Bitcoin’s potential future. 🌟🌐 #BitcoinEvolution

10/ Reminder: This thread is a work of fiction, speculating on the future of Bitcoin. Always remember, the world of crypto is ever-changing and unpredictable. 🌪️🌈 #SpeculativeFiction #BitcoinJourney